Intuitive Capital Managment LLC

Intuitive Capital Management LLC

We've instituted an options-based trading strategy that will return an excellent return ...
although I just found out that it's against FINRA requirements to be more specific than that.

The best I can do it to show you results and say

past performance is no guarantee of future results!

So: one current result page is here ... Another one is here.

The kind of neutral strategy we're using:

We can't take any more clients right now; our CFO will be applying for a Washington State license in July after taking the Series 65 test on June 30 2018.

If you want to do this for yourself, though, details on the strategy are here.

  • We charge 20% of the profits, payable quarterly
  • The brokerage we use has a system to allow us to trade your account but not to transfer money out

    If interested, here's what you need to do (after July 1):

  • Open a Tastyworks account and fund it
  • Contact me at the number or email below and I'll explain what you have to do from there.

    Read about the background of development of the system.

    help (at)

    +1 425-369-8286 (voice/text/vm)