Intuitive Capital Managment LLC

Intuitive Capital Management LLC

We've instituted an options-based trading strategy that will return an excellent return ...
although I just found out that it's against FINRA requirements to be more specific than that.

The best I can do it to show you results and say

past performance is no guarantee of future results!

So: one current result page is here ... Another one is here.

The kind of neutral strategy we're using:

Update: our CFO passed the Series 65 test in August and we're in process of getting registered with the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California. Watch this space for updates!

If you want to do this for yourself, though, details on the strategy are here.

  • We charge 20% of the profits, payable quarterly
  • The brokerage we use has a system to allow us to trade your account but not to transfer money out

    If interested, here's what you need to do (after July 1):

  • Open a Tastyworks account and fund it
  • Contact me at the number or email below and I'll explain what you have to do from there.

    Read about the background of development of the system.

    help (at)

    +1 425-369-8286 (voice/text/vm)